Cool Summer

KIWI sees itself as an innovative organisation and not only wants to "supervise" school children in summer, but also give them an unforgettably cool summer.

Experienced after-school care centre teachers offer the school children a varied programme of activities from sports to technology, combined with relaxation phases, over a period of eight weeks in summer. Each week has a special focus and can be booked separately by the parents. For more information, please visit!

Creative week
3.7. - 7.7. und 31.7. - 4.8.2023

Exercise & Health Week
10.7. - 14.7. und 7.8. - 11.8.2023

Vienna week
17.7. - 21.7. und 14.8. - 18.8.2023 (15.8.2023 Feiertag - geschlossen)

Nature, Technology & Experimentation
24.7. - 28.7. und 21.8. -25.8.2023



The Cool Summer 2022 will be offered at the following KIWI locations:

Region North-East

KIWI-Hort Donau City in 1220 Wien

KIWI-Hort Eibengasse in 1220 Wien


Region Inner City

KIWI-Hort Reisnerstraße in 1030 Wien

KIWI-Hort Lange Gasse in 1080 Wien


Region West

KIWI-Hort Hietzing in 1130 Wien

KIWI-Hort Cottagegasse in 1180 Wien

KIWI-Hort Scheibenbergstraße in 1180 Wien

KIWI-Hort Celtesgasse in 1190 Wien



Region South-West

KIWI-Hort Kabelwerk in 1120 Wien

KIWI-Hort Alma-Seidler-Weg in 1230 Wien



Pre-registrations and registrations are made directly with the head of the KIWI after-school care centre. We are already accepting registrations for your child/children.

Non-binding preregistration


The programme can be booked on a weekly basis. The prices are therefore quoted per child per week:
1 week: 175 euros per child incl. food
from 2 weeks: 165 euros,-/child incl. food