The KIWI concept

With more than 7,800 children cared for and more than 1,580 employees, KIWI is one of the largest private kindergarten and after-school care associations in Vienna. We breathe life into our pedagogical concept at our campuses: Age-extended kindergarten groups (i.e. children from one to six years of age experience the daily educational routine together) and after-school care centres, independent working, focus rooms, bilingual caregivers and much more. 

The KIWI association does everything in its power to offer the children entrusted to us the best possible educational opportunities so that they can freely develop their social and individual talents. 

Maga. Gudrun Kern, Managing Director of KIWI - Educational Leadership, summarises the essence of KIWI pedagogy as follows:

The focus of our pedagogical thinking and acting is always on the individual child and its development within the framework of the community in the group. Kindergartens and after-school care centres are important educational facilities for children. In our KIWI locations, we want to create the best possible conditions for children and their holistic development and give them a wide range of experiences to take with them on their journey through life, which will strengthen them now and in the future.”

Thomas-Peter Gerold-Siegl, MBA, Managing Director of KIWI - economic management, adds:

KIWI is an organisation rich in tradition, but one that is always geared towards the needs of the children and their interests. Looking to the future, we strive to offer a successful mix of tradition and innovation at our locations. For us, the educational quality is always in the foreground.“