KIWI acclimatisation model for kindergarten and the KIWI entry concept for after-school care centres

In order to support the children and their parents in the transition to kindergarten or after-school care centre, KIWI has developed its own acclimatisation model for kindergarten and an entry-level concept for after-school care centres, which are also laid down in the quality manuals.

The acclimatisation phase is a major challenge for kindergarten children in particular: In this phase, children and their parents intensively experience the transition from the family environment to (usually the first) an institution outside their family – the kindergarten. After-school care children have to cope with a twofold transition when they start school and also after-school care centre. 

Both concepts focus on the attentive and individual support of all those involved in these transition processes. They are conveyed in writing via the Quality manuals, as offers in the KIWI Academy and through the support of the educational and bilingual specialist advisors and in team exchange (e.g. in the context of team meetings and in the conception days). At KIWI, the two concepts make a significant contribution to the quality of work in kindergarten and after-school care centre. KIWI has created its own brochures for kindergarten and after-school care centre parents so that parents can find their way around in this acclimatisation and entry phase right from the start.

You can download these brochures here:

Kindergartenbroschüre „My Child Is Going to Kindergarten“ (German)

Hortbroschüre „Hurray, I'm here!“ (German)