Goals and Tasks

KIWI runs age extended groups, kindergarten and after-school care centres and looks after children from one year to ten years of age. We see ourselves as an innovative organisation that is imaginatively breaking new ground, continuously developing and setting new standards in pedagogy. 

Our educational mission

In cooperation with the family, we see it as our mission to offer children a holistic education and upbringing that enables them to develop their personality and promote their individual talents. 

KIWI supports children, 

  • to become independent,
  • to develop their strengths,
  • to build relationships with other people,
  • to act responsibly in the relationship with people and the environment,
  • to shape social processes.

Our educational offer 

KIWI is open to different directions of pedagogy and integrates several pedagogical approaches into its own KIWI concept and has doing so successfully for more than 25 years. Our locations also work according to the principles of Montessori-, Freinet, Reggio and Moto pedagogy.